You and your family can now take the first steps to establish care at Wildflower Pediatrics. Please click here to register your children at the Wildflower Pediatrics Patient Engagement Site. Please keep in mind that this site does not work well on mobile devices. We recommend you use a pc or mac computer. Simply follow the steps below:

1) Designate one child as the primary account holder. You will register this child for the portal and set up a username and password by clicking Sign up today.  Here is how it appears on the log in page.

“Don’t have a Patient Portal account?

Sign up today to stay connected to your health care.”

2) Follow the steps that will allow you to enter your child’s name and information. It will prompt you to receive a temporary code to enter onto the site. Then you will choose a provider and location. You will then enter your information as the last step.

3) Once inside the site, click on “my profile” and complete all of the requested demographic information.



1) Once your first child is registered, stay logged in to the Patient Portal as this child and click My Profile > Family Access > Add Patient > Enter your other child’s information. Repeat this step if more children need to be registered.

2) You should now have the option to toggle between your children’s Patient Portals. You will see this in the top left hand corner.

You do not need to add yourself under “My Profile/Family Access” section in order to have access to your child’s medical information. That will create duplicate email notifications if you do so.

The patient engagement site will also provide services such as online bill pay, access to vaccine records and lab/radiology results, requests for prescription refills or appointments, and much more.


Please register your child before transferring any records. This will allow a smoother transition in the future for your child’s/children’s medical care and health records. Under the Patient Resources tab on the homepage, you can find all of our patient forms. The Medical Release Authorization Form should be completed and sent to your child’s former provider. This provides them with your consent for release of your child’s medical records to Wildflower Pediatrics.